Did You Know (trivial trivia)?

    This year we are hosting a booksale AND Open House on the FIRST SATURDAY of JUNE. A departure from other years, but change can be good!

School Days Storytime

Wednesdays 11am  after Labor Day

We do not have a set schedule yet but we are working out a list of crafts and books titles right now.... some ideas still need to hatch.





Can't make Wednesdays? No worries, we can schedule time for you on a Thursday. Summer reading will focus on children 7 yrs old and under, but any person can participate as long as you let the library know -- we want to have enough materials for everyone if you stay for a craft.

Shelf Notes

Are you making plans for the Summer Solar Eclipse coming on Monday, Aug 21? It should be something most schoolkids will be able to experience and see indirectly. It's a pretty amazing thing, no doubt, and lots of cultures have lots of myths and legends about it. Why not have a party? half moon pies, eclipse sandwiches, chocolate dipped oreos, slow cooked pulled chicken ringed with slaw.....


Another special event in August is a 25 cent sale of national geographic magazines. We are releasing nearly 35 years of issues, from 1965 to 2002. An issue is missing here and there. Several that were issued with maps still contain them, if you are a map enthusiast. They make fantastic wall decor, some of couse still say USSR, Yugoslavia, Burma, etc., and of course they are a superb resource for geography, climate and political studies.