Did You Know (trivial trivia)?

    The librarian can be 'reserved' for village history talks and sometimes a village 'walk-a-about', when the weather cooperates.

Shelf Notes


We have regular hours and serving the public, but we ask you PLEASE keep personal space between each other, and respect library users who continue to wear a mask. We still provide materials at the door & sidewalk for those who prefer it.


Right now we are collecting information related to the origin story of the Ben Logan School system. Did you know we had roughly 65 one room schools in the district! The ran the gamut of tidy tight one-room brick buildings to the humble log house with grease paper for windows, hole in the roof to let out the smoke from the fire, and uneven slab wood for a floor.

If you have early photos, year books, graduation announcements and want to share them, we will copy or scan them and add them to the file!

November-December Storytime

The Libraryhas available a craft take-home for the next 6 weeks if your youngster is looking for something different to do in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also have in-person craft and story 'hour' (actually about 30 minutes) available, if you and a couple friends want to work together and 'make your messes at some one else's house:.