Did You Know (trivial trivia)?

    The librarian can be 'reserved' for village history talks and sometimes a village 'walk-a-about', when the weather cooperates.

Shelf Notes


We are cautiously back to our regular hours and serving the public, but we ask you to respect our older and/or medically compromised users by using hand sanitizer and wearing a mask when you are in the building. We still provide materials at the door & sidewalk for those who prefer it.


A-a-and public schools are starting back to  in-person classes, weather permitting.

Ben Logan is our local school and this link provides more information about their guidelines: Ben Logan Schools


So while some things change, like learning DIY to fix some things at home, our library service and hours remains the same.

2021 :  Book sale? Modified!

March! YES!! Springtime!

It's time for a little freebie magazine parade and 50 cent paperback book take-home in the basement!

This Rule is the same: mask required and hand-sanitizer use before browsing,two people at a time

OR...schedule a time to come in! OR.... send me a wish list and I can assemble a pile for you!

(..but I don't deliver..)