Did You Know (trivial trivia)?

    The librarian can be 'reserved' for village history talks and sometimes a village 'walk-a-about', when the weather cooperates.

Shelf Notes


 Our "Three-Seasons-A-Day" time of the year has arrived! The "rain-sun-overcast-but-might-be-sun-or-hey-why-not-snow" days are hanging over the last football games. Time to switch to campfires, all things PLAID and making sure the furnace works...







We also have Thanksgiving books and magazines, and Christmas of course, if you are thinking about handmade this-and-that.

"That's nice Mz Librarian, "But What If You Are Uninspired?"  Go give this MOST EXCELLENT Library resource a try:

EBSCO's Explore Hobbies

Autumn Crafts?

yes please!


SO MANY interesting projects to try

and then thanksgiving, and then

... sheesh ... Christmas.


If you can handle scissors and glue,

you're in!

Wednesdays or Thursdays

Contact us for a time that works for you!