Zanesfield and Other Local Events

Feb 5 - Zanesfield Village Council, 7pm, Sloan Library.

Feb 7 - Storytime 11am and 1:30 pm: Penguins!

Feb   -

Feb 14 - Storytime: My Darling Valentine

Feb 21 & 28 - Storytime: For the birds

March 5 - Zanesfield Village Council, 7pm, Sloan Library

March -

March  -

March  -

April  -


June 6  SUMMER READING:  Logan County Calamaites!!  Oh NO!! How did the land of Logan County survive Fires? Horse Theives? Tornadoes?? FIVE FEET of SNOW?!? not to mention Bounty Hunters, Booze, and bad courthouse designers...?!?   Hmmm, you'll have to come in and inquire....

There will even be a BiCentennial Zanesfield I-Spy. You pick up the clues, return the correct answers, and then MMmmm- win a ticket for ice cream!